When I Need Eyes to See – {The Year of Beholding}

It is June, six months into the year, and I am finally “getting it.”  Back in January, I was challenged to give the year a name . . . to twist the focus ring and narrow my depth of field.

The naming is to live more intentionally. 

I turned the phrase over in my mind—it is the year of beholding.  Of asking my Father to give me eyes to find His fingerprint in the fabric of my days.  I wanted to perceive more fully the many ways He weaves together joys and trials, the majestic and the mundane, to teach me to live and to love.  To teach me to be His.  I have prayed that mud in my Savior’s Hand—even the messiness of my life–would give me Bartimaeus’s eyes to perceive the pleasures of God.

And I am learning to find Him.  It is not a game of cosmic hide and seek—His presence cries out and He is beautiful.


There are peonies bent low with the weight of glory.  There is beauty.  I behold Him.

There is the music of laughter from the upstairs bedroom.  Two teenage girls are giddy with the hope of summer.  He has given us a beautiful family.  I behold Him.

There is warmth in the arms of my beloved.  I am undone by the ways he loves me.  My forever-Husband’s affection is reflected in this faithful man.  I behold Him.

In the messy beauty of souls washed clean by redemption and grace, I behold Him.

Beauty dances everywhere and the hunt is not hard if I have eyes to see.  Perhaps this language of His beauty is the accent of heaven.  There are no borders or communication barriers when we marvel at His artistry:  the mountains’ majesty . . . the intricate veins of a flower’s petal, wiredrawn by His hand . . . the kaleidoscope sky at sunset.  And all these are but shadows of the beauty of the Savior, the beauty of His cross.  Behold!

~ #26  baseball trophies

~ #27  the bench, all finished

~ #28  iced tea

~ #29  perennials in bloom

~ #30  Ben’s hymn–indeed, in Christ, all is well!

~ #31  the love of the Body

~ #32 our youth pastor and his wife, pouring out all for the sake of Christ.  How we will miss them!

About Julie

A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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3 Responses to When I Need Eyes to See – {The Year of Beholding}

  1. Carol Koch says:

    Oh for eyes to see…

    • Julie says:

      And thank you for the gift: Close Your Eyes So You Can See, given at Rachel’s shower many years ago. We still read it over and over and it reminds us well of His grace to us.

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