Weekend Wonder – {Tuning My Heart}

It’s an annual event in the life of our family–the piano recital.  For one day, we gather with the music lovers and listen to the children play.  There are the little ones who tap their toes and look so small behind the concert grand.  There are the all-grown-up ones who are here for the last time before they leave home and take their music with them.

The melodies unfold just like our lives, point and counterpoint, longing and joy in the meted out measures.

The notes are not perfectly played, and even this is His gift, teaching us of His sufficient grace and His power perfected in us–oh the thought!

As I close my eyes and listen–just listen–the hammers and strings and the dexterous hands are tuning my heart to sing of His grace.

About Julie

A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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1 Response to Weekend Wonder – {Tuning My Heart}

  1. Julie,

    Thanks for your visit to A Daily Portion. I am so happy to find your lovely blog! I especially like your word for 2011– “Beholding.” Now THAT is a good word!

    Have a wonder-filled weekend!
    Missy K

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