Swiss engineering slices an arc and curves us skyward.  We are 175 feet above the earth.  I love the earth.

I paid for this adventure–$10 Canadian per ticket.  We are on the edges of my comfort zone.  We put the speaker on mute so that I don’t have to listen to the details of our plight.

I put my faith in so many things–the soldered seams, the construction crew, the operator some twenty stories below me.

I am suspended right here, afforded a birds-eye view of majesty.  So why is there a pit in my stomach?

Isn’t this where God calls me to live?  Hanging on to my hope in Him.  Knowing that though I may not feel the ground beneath my feet, He has planned from long ago to carry me.  Oh that I might trust Him more as He holds me safe.

Here is Spurgeon on the subject:  “Still underneath us always are ‘the everlasting arms.’  We cannot fall so deep in distress and affliction but what the covenant grace of an ever-faithful God will still encircle us.  We cannot be brought so low as to be beyond the reach of the ‘everlasting arms’-they are underneath us; and, while thus sustained, all Satan’s efforts to harm us avail nothing.

This assurance of support is a comfort to any weary but earnest worker in the service of God. It implies a promise of strength for each day, grace for each need, and power for each duty.”

~from Morning and Evening, November 11

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A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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1 Response to Suspended

  1. Love Spurgeon and that quote. Reminds me of the London Eye. Sadly as I get older the harder it is to be up high:) I need the childlike faith to get on those rides that scare me. Thanks for this post.

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