Five Minute Friday — {Rest}

Rest.  Ah, the idea of it has sweet appeal in our hurry-up, get-it-now culture.  And it has a certain appeal in my own house where an octagon of schedules is run by spread sheets.

Yet even in the middle of the busy, there are sweet pieces of rest.  Just Monday, I hiked high in the Cascades.  After a bit of a climb, I sat on a rock on the edge of an alpine lake.  Below me, my son was making quiet work of catching trout.

I  lingered long and I was ripe for listening.  The sound of melting snow, falling down the mountain in a steady rush.  The call of a bird.  The whisper soft of a little pika scampering on the rocks.  No engines.  No phones.  No music save the song of His own spheres.

All this was metaphor, for He calls me to be still in Him alone, trading the thorns and thistles of striving for the milk and honey of Canaan.  True rest is not something we do, it’s something He gives, all tied up with lavish grace.

About Julie

A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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1 Response to Five Minute Friday — {Rest}

  1. Catherine says:

    Beautiful post, may you find quiet rest in Him this weekend!

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