A Monday Afternoon

He said that we could come anytime . . . that his was a “community rink.”  We arrived and two high-schoolers were there, shooting pucks at a net.  Anna was undeterred–“I can use the other side of the rink.  They won’t mind.”

And they didn’t.

She practiced and practiced, skated in circles and tried her new favorite trick:  reaching her leg back as far as it would go.

When did those legs get so long and so strong?

I would not be here, outside on this cold afternoon, if she wasn’t here–this one who is all serendipity. 

Memories come back like a flood–those winter afternoons when I would walk the mile down to our neighborhood rink with my skates flung over my shoulder.  It was a sweet hour of solitude after the school day.  I loved the sound of the blades on the ice–I loved twisting and turning the figures over the rink.  I would stay until the shadows were long and my fingers were numb.  A small therapy.

And today, thirty years later, I am here with her, the one whose eyes peek out from under her brother’s too-big hat.  I am taking it all in.  This day, this child, this hour, this life–oh it is all gift. 

About Julie

A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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5 Responses to A Monday Afternoon

  1. Amy Sullivan says:

    Julie, Julie, Julie. This is such a well-written post, and the picture of the ice skates? Perfect. Like a magazine cover, and the Michigan hat? Well, I grew up in Cheboygan so I’m like that for sure.

  2. Frederic Scheffler says:

    I love this — memories flooding my heart too, but with my “little girl!” We still drive by that frozen-over pond, (that was only a few inches deep), that you skated on— remembering… Anna looks like she’s really pretty good for a little six year old, having had no lessons! I love all of your tracing graces – just read your Acceptance one again, so good (we’ve always loved your writings, love notes as a child with dimpled hands ’til now). Dad just looked at your pictures (I printed them) and he said, “so Anna’s quite a skater – wow!” We love you, and the treasure you are to us. And we thank our dear Father for giving you a special place to share your writings — answered prayer!!

  3. juliesunne says:

    So important to revel in those precious moments before they vaporize into adulthood. Beautiful little girl, beautiful writing, beautiful memories. Love it, Julie!

  4. Linda Norton says:

    I can’t read much of your blog without getting misty eyed and this is no exception. Love the photo of the skates…

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