The {Not So Perfect} Christmas Tree

Christmas tree:  check.

We live in a the land of tree farms filled with rows of fertilized, cultivated, manicured trees.  For years, we’ve selected just that.  A perfect Christmas tree.

But I’ve always wanted a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree.  Untamed.  Unpruned.  Perhaps even unloved by anyone but me.

So this year, the children finally relented and let me have my tree.  We didn’t go to the tree farm.  We went to the home of a friend and we edged down a thorn-covered slope in search of a “not-so-perfect” Christmas tree.  Snow had fallen in the night and the trees were deep in white.  We shook the trunks.  We evaluated the height, breadth and color of each prickly balsam.  Finally we picked “the one.”

DSC_0011Aren’t trees a lot like us?  Pressing up and on in the midst of thorns.  Bending in the storms, yet standing tall in grace?  Just waiting to become a thing of beauty?

DSC_0022We labored to get the tree home, and I got a case of hives as I strung the lights on the branches.  But when the Christmas music played while the children hung the ornaments, I knew we had just the right tree.  The kind that would be perfectly content in our not-so-perfect home.  DSC_0112DSC_0127Yes, all it needed was a little love! 

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A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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5 Responses to The {Not So Perfect} Christmas Tree

  1. Tammy Davis says:

    We used to go and cut the tops off the trees when the kids were younger. There are no more now.. . .I think it looks beautiful!

  2. juliesunne says:

    Sweet memories. Beautiful tree. A little love goes a long way. Thanks, Julie, for showing us what we should be about during the Christmas season (and year round): Love.

  3. Kim says:

    It’s so good to hear what’s going on up in the north country! I miss you terribly, but pray for you often. We cut our tree every year too. That’s one tradition that we’ve never missed yet. How special! Your tree looks absolutely great! Enjoy! Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

    • Julie says:

      Hello, dear friend! So good to see your message, and am thankful beyond words for the blessing of your friendship over the years. Praying for you and yours at Christmastime and all the time! Love, Julie

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