I’ve been away from my computer.  No wifi.  No internet.  It’s been a good vacation.  So I’ve been with my good old pen and paper, thinking and writing.  Over the next few days, I thought I’d share the overflow of my heart from the last few weeks.

July 30

I walk in a fresh dawn, long shadows gathering in the infant light.  It is my birthday and I am in Ohio.  I’ve returned to my place of beginnings.

DSC_0377My lungs fill with the goodness of farm raised air.  I breathe deep and long.  It is good to be alive.

Drops of morning glass are strung on every blade of grass.  Mist rolls on distant hills.  Geese rise in the eastern sky.

DSC_0388I walk on the gravel road and I study the incongruities.  The fragile beauty of Queen Anne’s lace unfolds alongside a raw and rugged path.  A verdant meadow is framed by a rusted gate and sharp barbs on a wire.  Life is like this–a weaving together of golden moments along a rocky road.

DSC_0373Yes, it is my birthday.  And it is a family reunion filled with cousins laughing, uncles golfing and my husband managing the kitchen.

DSC_0210_edited-1Yet on this day, back home in Vermont, my dear friends are walking through a dark valley.  They are laying a beloved son and brother into the Everlasting Arms.  The barbs of sorrow pierce deep into soul’s skin.

My heart is in two places at once.  I cannot be there to share in the grief.  In this way, I feel lonely.  I am enfeebled by miles between us.  Yet in another way, in the mystery of grace, I know that the Spirit of God can redeem my tears and prayers.  He can shape them into lavish love poured upon the farm on Cilley Hill.

About Julie

A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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3 Responses to Ohio

  1. Tammy Davis says:

    God knew when I would need you my friend. And now as the ache threatens to overcome. . .you are home. . .As I lean on the everlasting arms of the Father; I am weak and weary.

  2. Julie Sunne says:

    So beautiful, Julie: “Life is like this–a weaving together of golden moments along a rocky road.” Sorry for your loss. I hope you were able to celebrate your birthday with joy for all God grants.

    • Julie says:

      If anything, Julie, the recent loss has reminded me of the gift of each day and how relationships and community are really all that matters. In that sense, it was a lovely birthday as I celebrated the goodness of the Father’s love–first giving me life and then bringing me into His family. Thanks for your prayers.

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