Motherhood Unexpected

Here’s something new! A friend of mine has published a book!


I remember the first time I met and chatted with Deanna. We were working in the church nursery together and she was just.plain.tired. She was nearing the end of her third pregnancy and I remember how she sat on the couch and directed the room full of toddlers, two of whom she owned. Carter was all-boy—a bundle of action and movement. And Addison was pure sweetness, ambling around the room in her DAFO* braces. I remembered these braces with a bittersweet sort of hindsight–they were a familiar “wardrobe accessory” in our house for several years.

Addison was learning to sign. She would climb up on my lap and make the sign for “music.” I can’t remember how many iterations of “Jesus Loves Me” I sang that day, but I’m sure I was hoarse by the end of my nursery stint.

And this—true story—though I noticed Addison’s DAFOs and the glasses correcting her vision, I did not see the familiar “outward” signs that people recognize associated with Down’s Syndrome. I met an engaging little girl who clearly loved: 1) her parents, 2) keeping up with her brother, and 3) my singing (thankfully, she was not a harsh critic).

Fast forward a few years and I’ve learned much more about Deanna. She is a talented musician, she has overcome more than a couple of hardships with decided grace and courage, and she opens her heart and shares her words on a lovely blog (Everything and Nothing from Essex @

And now she has written a novel.  Though not autobiographical, Deanna draws on her experience to wrestle with questions surrounding infertility, the loss of a child, and the privilege of embracing a child with special needs.  Deanna explores these issues with candor and dignity.   She allows her protagonist to ask honest questions, and in the end points her readers toward the goodness of God in all circumstances.

Deanna is offering it at a significant discount through Amazon.  I invite you to treat yourself to this lovely novel. I promise you will be blessed and encouraged!

*DAFOs are orthotic braces.  You can learn about them here:

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2 Responses to Motherhood Unexpected

  1. Julie Sunne says:

    Sounds like an inspiring read, Julie. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deanna Smith says:

    I completely forgot about that morning in the nursery! I remember you being just so encouraging and sweet. When we left, I told Aaron, “I really want to get to know her better!” (-; Thank you for bringing up such a sweet memory…and for reading and reviewing my book. I am so grateful to you.

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