Dance /dans/ verb

an act of stepping or moving through a series of movements usually in time to music

Middle English: from Old French dancer (verb), dance (noun), of unknown origin.

But what if your experience defies definition?  What if the joy of dancing races with wild energy through your daughter’s soul? 

I remember this little one who pulled herself up with fierce determination.  She walked with that wide gait of a baby not quite ready to toddle.  And then she danced.  Every day.  Her little knees bobbed up and down to she heard:  her dad whistling through a chore, hymns I played on the piano, the “kids songs” CD’s that streamed through our house.

She grew and she disciplined her muscle memory with ballet classes.  She joined a performance group.  She earned a spot on the high school dance team.

Abby Dance

Now she is a senior in high school.  Almost done.  Admittedly, a bit weary with senioritis, but still filled with her fierce determination to finish well.  As I contemplate sending her south to college, I find myself a bit reflective.  Abigail has filled our lives with the meaning of her name:  “The Father rejoices over you with joy!”  And a thread woven through her happiest times has been tied to her dancing shoes.

(photo credit:  Wayne Tarr Photography)


About Julie

A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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5 Responses to Dance

  1. Judy Ruegsegger says:

    What a special entry, Julie! As you described Abby I was picturing her bright eyes, sweet smile, bouncing feet, and spirited, on the go movements! Oh, and now…a lovely young lady…Still jumping high…in so many ways! Serving and pleasing God with her talents…gifts from.God. You and Steve have done such a wonderful job in raising Abby…and all the kids, of course! I rejoice in what she has become…soaring, graceful, disciplined, beautiful, and looking forward in love and devotion! Praising our wonderful Lord!

    • Julie says:

      And you have done a wonderful job “grandparenting”–so thankful for each precious memory, and each prayer you have prayed on behalf of your grandchildren!

  2. Tammy Davis says:

    Beautiful all around. Each step part of a new routine.

  3. Dixie Scheffler says:

    This is such a loving tribute to our sweet Abby Joy (can’t leave out the “Joy”), and my goodness, such a BEAUTIFUL picture! It could be on the cover of Dance Magazine! Yes, we remember her little girl dancing days, and her email address too – dancerprance4ever, and especially “Bubbling Joy” — remember?! And now we look forward to what our dear Lord has for her – just can’t imagine!! You have captured dear Abby Joy so beautifullly – just brings tears to my eyes – writing that blesses us so very much, our Julie. xoxo

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