Christmas Kitchen

I have taken a pretty simple approach to holiday decorating, partly because I have very little storage space, but mostly because I am sort of a “less is more” kind of person anyway (except when it comes to children–smile).  But seriously, because there are so many personalities and schedules to manage in our home, I find this approach to be streamlined and uncomplicated.  Cue the box on the windowsill:  it can be filled with all manner of different seasonal (read perishable) things that can simply be discarded when we are done with them.


Rachel and I went for a walk in the woods and gathered the greens for the wooden box. This box was inspired by Liz at Love Grows Wild.  Just as Liz had done, I put wheat stems in it back in November, but now I am enjoying this festive look for winter.

I had purchased this “Merry Christmas” sign at the Gardener’s Supply Outlet last spring and was anxious to finally hang it come December.  In January, it will fit very easily in a closet when I replace it for the rest of the year with our wooden Jericho, VT sign (no place like home!).

I sewed the curtain valances, taking inspiration from Jenni’s mom at Dear Lillie.


Also, I just want to say that I really love the Iowa pine scent of Mrs. Meyer’s soap.  A caveat:  I have found it is best to order early as it sells out quickly!


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A happy wife, a mom on the learning curve, a daughter of the King . . .
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1 Response to Christmas Kitchen

  1. Judy Ruegsegger says:

    Simply gorgeous, Julie…you have such an “eye” for beauty! Can’t wait to see everything in person!!! Oh, am bringing gifts with me, just so you know.💙

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