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I walk with my girl at the edge of the earth where the ocean rolls in and out.  There is the steady ebb and flow, just like my emotions of the last several days. I’ve been on a couple of … Continue reading

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Thou dost rule the swelling of the sea. When its waves rise, Thou dost still them. Psalm 89:9 Last week, I walked by the ocean’s edge, listening to the rhythm of the surf, watching the rise and fall of the … Continue reading

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She had a headache.  She looked at me with that desperate gaze.  I know what this feels like–when the world is spinning and your head is throbbing and you can’t even string a logical thought together. I brought her to … Continue reading

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Hand in Hand

The hills are dancing with painted leaves.  Autumn color is cresting like a wave through the countryside.  The sun sends shafts through the clouds and lights the leaves between the shadows.  I tell the kids to hold on to this … Continue reading

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The Last Night

Thursday August 1 It is night.  Our last night together.  The week has been full of making memories.  Fish have been caught.  Birthday candles have been blown out.  Skits have been performed.  We have laughed and played and tried to … Continue reading

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I’ve been away from my computer.  No wifi.  No internet.  It’s been a good vacation.  So I’ve been with my good old pen and paper, thinking and writing.  Over the next few days, I thought I’d share the overflow of … Continue reading

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There were good-byes.  The little one–she wanted to roll the duffle and she learned how to steer wide turns.  She navigated the escalator, all snuggled between the luggage and the warmth of her daddy.  He was going far away. Then … Continue reading

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In the busyness of December, it is a small therapy to be still and to gather my thoughts.  I’m liking the freedom of “five minute Fridays“–it’s about as much time as I have to focus on any one thing.  So … Continue reading

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And so it goes

She came to us in December, this one who was a perfect surprise.  It was a day of cold rain, I remember.  And we just didn’t know–how would she be?  Months of prenatal testing had yielded no answers, just more … Continue reading

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Abscission and Hope

It is Indian summer–seventy degrees in November!  It is the perfect day for a late afternoon walk.  We shake off the lessons and drills and head for the woods. It is a quiet outing–no buzz of insects or lawnmowers.  We … Continue reading

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