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I’ve been away from my computer.  No wifi.  No internet.  It’s been a good vacation.  So I’ve been with my good old pen and paper, thinking and writing.  Over the next few days, I thought I’d share the overflow of … Continue reading

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No Fear

It’s the sound no mother wants to hear. I was standing at the kitchen window, caught in the doing of the dishes, turning David’s poetry over in my mind.  It was a typical noontime on a (finally!) perfect summer day.  … Continue reading

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The Simple Gift Series — {Today’s Garden}

Once again I forgot to put frames around the peonies.  Perhaps I am propping up so many other things that the heavy flowers are destined to a life bent low.  I can only do so much. But here are the … Continue reading

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Evening Gift — {Moonrise in Vermont}

The lesser light was great last night, governing the dark with unusual glory.  I pulled off the road to watch it rise, deep and full and heavy.  Others followed, trying to capture the weight of the moment.  There we were, … Continue reading

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The Naming of the New — {Today}

My friend Kim–sweet Kim with her gifts of encouragement–she gives her years a name.  Because the years add up, day after day, to equal a life which is fitting us for an eternity. When I first started this blog, I … Continue reading

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A Thankful Heart

There is gathering of graces in the sum of it all.  When I add up the days, the hours, the moments of my small life, I trace this thread of a thankful heart. Sometimes it has been a thin thread–when … Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Grace

I started with a lofty goal.  Truth to tell, I thought it might be unattainable.  I wanted to memorize the Word, but not just a little bit here and there.  An entire pastoral letter.  Then I added a chapter from … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Valentine

Every year he sends me a valentine.  My heart leaps when I see his font on the envelope. I don’t remember exactly when he started sending them to me.  Maybe when he had a wife of his own and understood … Continue reading

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Outside In — {Pieces of Home}

It sure has been a flurry of activity here in our corner.  Now that the holidays are over and the high school exams are done, I am dusting off my camera and my keyboard.  And I thought I’d share a … Continue reading

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First Snow

It comes in the night, whispering soft. We wake to a world of white, telling of a heart made pure, speaking of a stain erased. Ah, the joy of sins forgiven!  The law’s demands have been set aside and nailed … Continue reading

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