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And so it goes

She came to us in December, this one who was a perfect surprise.  It was a day of cold rain, I remember.  And we just didn’t know–how would she be?  Months of prenatal testing had yielded no answers, just more … Continue reading

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The Simple Gift Series — {The Seed Pod}

In November sun, the pod splits. Spent and broken, it sends the secret life aloft on silken wings. John 12:24

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There is a quiet corner of morning when it’s just me and my newest teenager–the two of us in the kitchen.  Hers is the first bus, so she is up early.  She is making her lunch, trying to conjure up … Continue reading

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Beyond Imagination

This is beyond imagination, really, that the seed of a caterpillar can be cradled in a chrysalis.  The little creature is as good as dead–motionless, waiting. Abby found the green envelope, suspended from the underside of the swing set.  A … Continue reading

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I am here–small against an ocean, every sense awake in the fleeing summer.  The sun is warm.  The air is salt.  Waves crash hard on the rocks then race to the shore.  The cycle spins and turns, water coming, water … Continue reading

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Weekend Wonder — {Chasing the Sun}

In real life—in real time—we race to the top of the mountain.  The sun is sinking in the sapphire sky. Streaks of pink and gold point to the flaming star. The granite dome of the mountain has become a theater—all … Continue reading

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The Simple Gift Series — {Stages of Readiness}

Rudbeckia.  Here you are in all the closed-up hope of unfurling: And with shy petals daring to brave: And at last in all your unfolded beauty, a song in the sun, all opened and laid bare and giving glory! “Even … Continue reading

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North Beach Revisited

When the teenage girl runs laughing into the water– When the small one carves her name– When the day that started hard ends with bicycle memories, a bit of sun and sand . . . and a triangle of glass–pointing … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls

The churning current spins, whirls, tosses, turns. The roaring water crashes, thunders, pounds, plummets in one grand parade of power.

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Where It All Began . . .

We come up the sidewalk after a fifteen hour drive.  The three-step climb up to the front porch seems like a heavy one after a long day, but my heart is light.  There is a sense of place here.  A … Continue reading

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