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Hand in Hand

The hills are dancing with painted leaves.  Autumn color is cresting like a wave through the countryside.  The sun sends shafts through the clouds and lights the leaves between the shadows.  I tell the kids to hold on to this … Continue reading

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Granny’s Birthday

This was a week of remembrance.  August 8 was my grandmother’s birthday.  I liked everything about her, so the eighth day of the eighth month was always a golden day.  And though I know that each of her days was … Continue reading

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Where It All Began . . .

We come up the sidewalk after a fifteen hour drive.  The three-step climb up to the front porch seems like a heavy one after a long day, but my heart is light.  There is a sense of place here.  A … Continue reading

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The Lilac in Bloom

The lilac brings a single branch of flowers and a million memories tumble around in my mind.  Memories shared with her—with Granny.  The first picnic of the spring.  The freshly squeezed lemonade.  The woven lawn chairs, their fibers splitting from … Continue reading

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