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“Thank you,” I’ve decided, are two of the most powerful words set side by side.  This humble couplet recognizes our need.  It speaks of someone else who has come alongside to meet that need. There is that tender story of … Continue reading

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Just this from Spurgeon today: “The fair earth is full of tokens of God’s presence.” And this from the Word: “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, … Continue reading

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in the beginning

It’s a new year.  Still, the Christmas tree shines in the corner, a sweet reminder that the joy of Christmas is meant for all days.  I’m linking up this evening with a prompt from Write Alm.  Today’s words:  “In the … Continue reading

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Thankful . . .

Here we are in November, rounding the turn toward a stark and leafless season.  Yet, in the middle of it, we take a deep breath.  We linger long and we softly speak “selah,” returning praise and thanks to the Giver … Continue reading

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Hand in Hand

The hills are dancing with painted leaves.  Autumn color is cresting like a wave through the countryside.  The sun sends shafts through the clouds and lights the leaves between the shadows.  I tell the kids to hold on to this … Continue reading

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Winter’s Gift

Today the white hung heavy on every branch.  I’ve lived here, half tilt between the equator and the arctic circle, for fourteen years.  And I’ve learned that snow has different temperaments.  On some days it is fluttering and wispy.  On … Continue reading

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The Naming of the New — {Today}

My friend Kim–sweet Kim with her gifts of encouragement–she gives her years a name.  Because the years add up, day after day, to equal a life which is fitting us for an eternity. When I first started this blog, I … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve.  In some ways it seems arbitrary that today is a significant marker of time.  It is a day like any other. But we have made it a day to reflect, to review the days gone by, … Continue reading

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Christmas Quiet

We walked in the woods today–just the two of us–and I was struck with the wonder of it all.  This grand creation and the perfect order of things.  This gift from Creator’s hand.  His sustaining power to spin His spheres.  … Continue reading

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We need Christmas.  We need it in all of its raw and crude reality.  We need the squalling, wrinkled, tiny Child who was born that we might live.  We need the One who came down, the Bread of Life laid … Continue reading

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