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The {Not So Perfect} Christmas Tree

Christmas tree:  check. We live in a the land of tree farms filled with rows of fertilized, cultivated, manicured trees.  For years, we’ve selected just that.  A perfect Christmas tree. But I’ve always wanted a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree.  Untamed.  … Continue reading

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Living Color

There are these few glorious moments, these Irish chains on the mountainside, these days that demand my full attention.  The colors are at once brilliant and evanescent, and the leaves whisper a last good-bye before the quiet sleep of winter. … Continue reading

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The Summer List

It has become a bit of tradition to catalog our summer with a list.  A rubric of recreation, if you will.  Because summer in Vermont is so short.  And because just “being” is a needful thing.  Yes, being in the … Continue reading

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Haikus for Spring

Spring comes, and with it these silken globes of wishes, these feathers and seeds . . . which are carried high, floating in an April sky on wings of her dreams.

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A Walk in May

It was when I was walking–just me and my camera–that I started looking for the green after the long gray and muddy brown of winter.  Life is everywhere! At home, my dear ones were sick and hurting, and I had … Continue reading

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The Naming of the New

It’s a new day in a new year.  Last year I gave the year a name.  Encouraged by a fellow blogger, I thought it might be wise to define the year.  To be intentional about something.  Anything.  So it was … Continue reading

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Abscission and Hope

It is Indian summer–seventy degrees in November!  It is the perfect day for a late afternoon walk.  We shake off the lessons and drills and head for the woods. It is a quiet outing–no buzz of insects or lawnmowers.  We … Continue reading

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Harvest Hope

Deep in winter’s quiet, I struggle, longing for warmth.  Life is all hidden and I am cold and the waiting is hard. Then, JOY, it is all like Lazarus–alive again!  We walk around the yard  giddy, looking for green.  It … Continue reading

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