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The Last One — {Five Minute Friday}

Someone had to be the littlest.  The last.  Oh how she struggles with being the baby of the family. Not only is she the youngest, but she’s also a bit petite for her age.  She wants to be big. Of … Continue reading

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Weekend Wonder — {Chasing the Sun}

In real life—in real time—we race to the top of the mountain.  The sun is sinking in the sapphire sky. Streaks of pink and gold point to the flaming star. The granite dome of the mountain has become a theater—all … Continue reading

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Weekend Wonder — {The Bonfire}

We climbed the rocky steep under a black velvet sky.  A pearl of moon shimmered high above us, traveling in ellipse a quarter million miles away.  So much of the universe, it seems, orbits around a centered subject.  Surely a … Continue reading

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Weekend Wonder — {Slices of Life}

We’re at the outdoor market . . .we’re at the pool . . . our summer-starved souls happy to be out and about in flip-flops and t-shirts.  But the rain falls too and we dash inside. My dear friend and … Continue reading

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Weekend Wonder – {Tuning My Heart}

It’s an annual event in the life of our family–the piano recital.  For one day, we gather with the music lovers and listen to the children play.  There are the little ones who tap their toes and look so small … Continue reading

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Weekend Wonder — {The Ballet Recital}

There she is:  sky in her eyes, sky in her dress.  The dress that had to be stitched up a few moments before the opening curtain–stitched up like so much of our lives. “I don’t think anyone in the audience … Continue reading

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Baseball games, board games, playing in the rain.  Loving the weekend.

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